The author has rewritten and updated Mastering Physics for a modern reader. The book is self-contained and easy to understand, and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of Physics to understand its concepts. Detailed illustrations and questions help you learn the subject. The book also demonstrates how science is important in engineering, medicine, and the natural world. If you’re a physics student, this book will help you get started.

The program also contains interactive videos and homework to reinforce learning, such as hints and wrong-answer feedback. Students can easily navigate the interactive eText through the mobile app, highlight key concepts, and review key vocabulary. The videos and prelecture material in Mastering Physics are narrated by Paul Hewitt, who explains physics concepts with engaging narrative. The video content is also embedded with an assessment that measures student progress.

Mastering Physics by Paul Hewitt

The author combines the principles of Conceptual Physics with advanced media to make the course fun, accessible, and relevant to non-science majors. The book follows the principle that concepts should always come before calculations, and engages readers with analogies from the real world to reinforce conceptual understanding. The reader will also learn the concepts of motion and physics through problem-solving exercises. MasteringPhysics is an excellent option for a physics course that requires a high level of mathematical competency.

Enhanced End-of-Chapter Questions: These questions are interactive and designed to make learning more effective. Professors can use the results of class responses to clarify misunderstandings, start small group discussions, and decide on the next concept. A series of tutorial problems is also available that helps struggling students with concepts. The series includes prebuilt modules that can be used as boot camp-style tutorials or as just-in-time remediation before each chapter.

Adaptive Follow-Ups: A series of interactive learning tools uses student devices to provide targeted practice and coaching. This helps teachers target areas where students struggle, and provides a comprehensive grade distribution and score improvement. Learning Catalytics: Adaptive Follow-Ups provide targeted practice and coaching to students that target gaps in understanding. Asynchronous Learning Catalytics: The interactive Q&A prelecture videos help teachers hear from every student through the use of smartphones or other personal devices.

Adaptive Learning: Mastering provides teachers with a rich library of pre-built assignments and courses. Instructors can adapt these assets to suit their teaching style. The system includes a Calendar View that lists all upcoming assignments and their due dates. The program also makes it easy to add, edit, or delete questions in assignments. These learning tools also allow instructors to create custom tests that are customized to their teaching needs. Once you have adapted your Mastering content to your teaching style, you’ll have a successful online course.