How Food Writer and Lifestyle Expert Jackie Kai Ellis Found Fulfilment From the Power of Choice

Jackie Kai Ellis comes from an extensive and successful background as a graphic designer, specializing in brand identity at her own design firm. On paper, her life was perfect—she had it all. But Jackie was unfulfilled, miserable, and fell into a deep depression as she lived a life that was not her own. In an effort to dig herself out, Jackie set out on a mission to find her true, authentic self. She started to discover things that truly made her happy, and made deliberate choices every day to follow her happiness.


One place Jackie found joy was in her kitchen, where she fell in love with baking. She chose to follow that passion, shut down her firm, and traveled to Paris to study pastry. She returned to Vancouver with a mission to inspire others with food and opened Beaucoup Bakery. Customers gravitated towards Jackie and her delicious French pastries and the business was a success. Once she had achieved all of her goals for the bakery, she decided to sell it and pursue her love of writing. Now, she is a freelance travel and food writer and a published book author with The Measure of My Powers: A Memoir of Food, Misery, and Paris. She’s excited to turn over a new page of her life, where anything can be written.

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