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Chief Maker, Microsoft

As Microsoft’s Chief Maker, Stacey Mulcahy spends her days stoking technical curiosity and finding the value in purpose-driven play.

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Because I’m Free – TC Grants

A window into the world of Tamar Brannigan: Crisis Text Line supervisor, prof,
QTPOC activist, 8000+ Instagram posts (and counting), life storyteller, and all
around wonderful human being.

When Fruit Art Is Your Side Hustle

Give Lauren a grapefruit, and she’ll cut it into an image you didn’t know a grapefruit could become. This fruit artist takes your average fruit and vegetables and turns them into refreshing, playful works of art.

Finding Balance – TC Grants

As any passion-seeker knows, one cannot be in a continual state of flow and productivity. We need diversions, we need challenges, we need physicality, and we need human relationships. We need to find balance.

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