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As Microsoft’s Chief Maker, Stacey Mulcahy spends her days stoking technical curiosity and finding the value in purpose driven play.


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Just Keep Swimming

Jessica Schultz Marine Ecologist When you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing, just keep swimming — that’s Jessica Schultz’s philosophy. She’s a marine ecologist for the Vancouver Aquarium and spends a lot of her time studying marine animals and...

Connecting Consumers to Thier Source of Food

Victor Straatman of Meatme.Co Victor Straatman isn't a meat specialist. He's just a guy who wanted to buy his meat from a sustainable source without going through a huge hassle. And that is, sometimes, all that's needed for a vision to be born. MORE stories...

The Later Story

Ian MacKinnon of Later Media How do you know if tossing stability, reliable income and benefits out the window to start your own risky venture is the right path for you? Well, the first sign is you can’t get it off your mind. Take our friend Ian MacKinnon here: he...

Above The Water

Paralympian Donovan Tildeseley When your #1 best moment in life is a toss-up between winning your first paralympic medal and carrying the flag for Canada in the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, it’s hard to imagine that a desk job at an insurance company could...

The Yogi of Movie Extras

Talent Agent Yogi Omar Don't be misled: Yogi Omar isn’t a yoga expert. He’s a Talent Agent with a cool name. He puts people in the background of movies and TV. Coincidentally, when he came to Canada 14 years ago, it was by watching movies and TV shows that he learned...

You Have to Go Out and Explore

Tyson Pylypiw of Encana Meet Tyson, Team Lead of Road & Lease Construction at Encana, one of Canada’s top energy producers of oil and natural gas. Tyson gets a thrill out of seeing a project through from design and planning to final construction so that natural...

It’s All About Working With People

Kevin Howlett of Air Canada Meet Kevin Howlett, Senior Vice President of Regional Markets for Air Canada. As a part of Air Canada’s executive team Kevin overseas Air Canada’s entire Western Region operations. Kevin’s as active with his employee teams as he is with a...

Making Something Out of Nothing

Welder Blake Crome Meet Blake Crome, an Apprentice Welder at Seaspan, an association of Canadian companies involved in coastal and deep sea transportation, bunkering, ship repair, and shipbuilding.   MORE stories...

Protecting The Coastline

Coast Pilot Neil Crysler Meet Neil Crysler, a Licenced ship Pilot with the BC Coast Pilots, a company consisting of approximately 105 licensed marine pilots who work with the Pacific Pilotage Authority to keep the British Columbia Coast line safe and healthy. Neil...



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