This BC Hydro Employment Expert is Passionate About the Possibilities for Indigenous People

Even as a child, Sharon McLeod made sure to stand up for people, whether it was someone being picked on or someone who was at a disadvantage; it’s a quality that’s never left her. Straight out of high school, Sharon decided that she would spend her career helping Indigenous peoples, by providing them opportunity and helping them overcome deep-rooted prejudice to achieve personal success.

Growing up, Sharon felt that it wasn’t always great being Indigenous. And she has always fought against the stereotypes and racism that was evident around her. What ultimately drives her is the need to change those perceptions.

With a 14-year career in the public school system assisting Indigenous students and helping them to graduate from high school, Sharon felt she needed to expand on that even further.

Today, her job in Indigenous Employment and Training for BC Hydro is to make employment opportunities accessible to Indigenous individuals, and provide them with the best foot forward in obtaining those roles. Sharon works with Indigenous communities to help give them the qualifications to compete in the job market. Essentially she helps them to nourish their passions, to encourage them to set their sights high, and to show others the gift they have.

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