Painter Annette Labedzki Comes Full Circle as an Artist Through Instagram Fame

Take a look at Annette Labedzki’s Instagram account, there’s post after post of realistic frozen paint creations, from Oreo cookies and avocados to mermaid tails and skeletons. There’s something so oddly satisfying and sensuous about seeing these creations mixed into paint that it has attracted 880,000 followers and counting. Her work has been featured on sites such as Bored Panda, Buzzfeed, and Insider Art; she’s even been approached by companies looking to collaborate on marketing campaigns. It’s an Internet fame that Annette is exceptionally grateful for, but still coming to terms with.

As a Fine Arts graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Annette’s Instagram posts are “30 years crammed into one minute.” Those 30 years have been spent studying colour and paint, from abstract paintings to human anatomy sketches, resulting in more than 1,000 scrapbooks that document her progression as an artist. As part of that artistic evolution, Annette is a self-confessed shy artist who worked in “horrid isolation” without music and people, and essentially without distraction to stay focused on her path as a creator. Annette has now come full circle, commanding an audience with her work and finding fulfillment in the interactions with her community of followers.  Plus, it’s a huge reward having people like what you do!

Annette now classifies herself as a performance artist who, through Instagram, is sharing her deep love for colour with the world. As with any new endeavour, this humble painter is learning to navigate her newfound fame, taking the energy she gets from her audience and using it to push herself in new directions.

What followers rarely get a chance to see is how wonderfully quirky Annette is, and how it has taken this artist, the course of a career, a camera and the Internet to find a stage to display her work and personality. We all reap the benefits as she shines through in her viral hits like “My Bloo Banana”, which Annette initially thought would be a flop but is one of her most popular posts with over nine million views!”

Through the encouragement of her real-life supporters and those who live a click away, Annette is still surprised by the reaction people have to her creations and is staying motivated to create something new everyday.

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